Do you like the popular music? To many ears, that's fine. But what about the Future? For this, "synthesizer" brings electronic circuit and sound together, and only first because Anton Barbeau! Yet He sings normal melodies to remind children of history, so ok. A summer storm, charged with clean air - Anton Barbeau, alive on record is electronic.
It is Antronica.

1. Clubbing in Berlin
2. Gözleme
3. Magic Duck
4. Dust Beneath My Wings
5. Ginger Space Fade
6. The Girl, America
7. Psychedelic Mynde of Moses
8. Thanks For Lifting My Leg
9. Dust Beneath My Dub
10. Trouble Was Born
11. Droan 1
12. Hmmm in G

Recorded in Berlin, Cambridge and Sacramento
Mastered by Broyhill at Monsterlab

Sounds by Ant, including Pro One, Casio CZ-1000, Korg MS-10, Korg PolySix, Roland Space Echo, A. Grand, Chickering and Silberman pianos, Novation X-Station, G-Force M-Tron, G-Force Virtual String Machine, Wurlitzer 200A

With except also:

Lara Miyazaki - vocals on Clubbing in Berlin, Gözleme, PMoM
Gözde Naiboğlu - main speakings on Gözleme
Allyson Seconds - second speakings on Gözleme
Jon Ouin - Banjo and cello on Dust/Dub
Stornoway - "love" vocals on Dust Dub, party scene and vox on PMoM
Alison Sharkey - cello on PMoM
Andy Metcalfe - Hammond on Dust Dub
Morris Windsor - drums on Dust Dub